Information on upcoming GOP Reorganization (“Reorg”)

Kathy Sargeant resigned her seat as Chairman of the Hardin County Republican Party because she is moving out of state.  As Vice Chair, I am currently the “Acting Chair” until a new Chairman is elected. 

This the year the Republican Party of Kentucky (RPK) reorganizes.  Every 4 years, in the year after a Presidential Election, the Republican Party of Kentucky reorganizes at the Precinct, County, Congressional District and the State levels. is the page where you can find the rules of the state party.

June is the month designated for all counties to meet to elect all new Precinct Committees.  We will also elect County Committee members.  I am working on a date and a venue and hope to announce that soon.  This meeting is open to ALL registered republicans who reside in Hardin County.

In the meantime, many people are showing an interest in being involved.  Here is some information that may be helpful.

Precinct Committee:  Precinct Captains, Co-Captains & Youth Chairs

RPK Rule 5 covers this.  Here is what will happen:

As a Captain, Co-Captain or Youth Chair, you will be the election point people for your precinct and will become a voting members of the Hardin County Committee.  These are 4 year terms

On the day of reorg, show up and find the area designated for the precinct in which you reside.  The people who show up in their precincts decide/vote among themselves who will become the officers of the precinct.  After the elections in the precinct meetings, the new officers will then go in to vote for the following county-wide offices:





Youth Chair

County Committee:  County Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Youth Chair

RPK rule 4 covers this.  Here is some basic information.

The County Chair and Vice Chair will be the election point people for the County and by virtue of their positions, will become voting members of the Republican State Central Committee and represent Hardin County at state-wide party meetings.

The Secretary will take minutes and take charge of all correspondence.  The Treasurer is responsible for financial compliance and reporting to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

These are all 4 year terms. 

I’m putting together a nominating committee who will give its report on the day of reorganization.  If you or anyone you know is interested in serving in any of these offices, please submit an email to me by May 20th.  Please include all your contact information and tell us a little about yourself and why you are interested.  In other words, make a pitch for yourself!

This is a real chance to get involved.  We who have served the party are constantly looking for new faces and fresh ideas.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, for those interested, here is a link to the RPK Rules:

Dana Johnson,

Acting Chairman

Hardin County Republican Party

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