Republican Party of Hardin County, Ky.

Our mission for the Hardin County Republican Party of Kentucky is to register voters as Republicans, encourage those not registered as Republicans to switch to the Republican Party, educate voters in the county about the duties of the different political offices and encourage, promote and assist Republicans who wish to run for political office in county, state or federal offices Lastly, to promote the core values of the Republican Party that include less government, more private enterprise, less government spending, strong family values, good business environment and a strong military.

Get Involved!

Whether it's displaying yard signs, canvassing door-to-door, walking in parades or being a precinct officer, the Hardin County Republican Party of Kentucky can use your help. Sign up and volunteer to move the party forward.

Welcome to the web site of the Hardin County Republican Party. As you know, we are the party of such great leaders as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Our Party stands for lower taxes, smaller and less intrusive government, personal responsibility and accountability, Constitutional government, respect for life.

The Hardin County Republican Party of Kentucky has made great strides in the last several years. The number of registered Republican voters has increased dramatically while the number of Democrats has remained stagnant. In the 2010 election, we elected for the first time 4 Republican magistrates out the 8 that sit on Fiscal Court. Out of the four, one of those is our first Republican woman magistrate.

Although we have made great progress, there is still much to do. We need people who can volunteer with parades, help make phone calls, put up signs, help at the headquarters and most importantly we need donations to help run our local party. So, if you like more money in your pocket and less government on your back, if you are concerned with family values and freedom, then be sure to register Republican.

We welcome all voters who are registered Republicans and Independents and Democrates who want to change their party affiliation.

Please join us and volunteer to help our candidates and local party. Please browse around and be sure to check back for updates on meeting times and places on the Republican News and Info page.

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Kathy Sargeant
Chairwoman of the Hardin County Republican Party of Kentucky